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The Ged Doherty Story - Interview by Iain McNay watch this programme
Ged played drums in local Manchester bands when he was a teenager and then started Renegade Management where he managed Paul Young throughout his successful solo career. In 1992 he moved to New York as head of International for Epic Records and worked with acts such as Ozzy Osbourne, Pearl Jam, Rage Against The Machine and Michael Jackson. In 1996 he returned to the UK to head up Columbia Records where under his leadership the label went from the No 9 UK label to No 1. He moved to become Label manager at Arista Records in 1999 where he worked closely with Simon Cowell for the first time; he became President of BMG Records in 2001 and then Chairman and CEO of Sony UK in 2006. He was also chairman of the BRITS academy from 2008 to 2010. In 2014 he formed Raindog Films with the actor Colin Firth and their first film together was the highly successful 'Eye In The Sky.' They have recently released 'Loving.' Ged is also currently the Chairman of the trade organisation for British record labels, the British Phonographic Industry. (BPI) He talks in detail about his career and what he has learnt during that time.

John Leckie Story - Part 1 - Interview by Iain McNay watch this programme
John started working as a Tape Operator at Abbey Road studios when he was 20. He worked with all the Beatles on solo projects before moving up to become a balance engineer working with Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett and many others. He then started producing with Be-Bop DeLuxe's 'Sound On Sound' before moving on to Bill Nelson's subsequent solo albums. He went on to produce albums by XTC, The Adverts, Simple Minds, The Fall, Stone Roses, The Verve, Ride, Radiohead, Cast and Muse amongst many, many other projects.

John Leckie Story - Part 2 - Interview by Iain McNay watch this programme
John started working as a Tape Operator at Abbey Road studios when he was 20. He worked with all the Beatles on solo projects before moving up to become a balance engineer working with Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett and many others. He then started producing with Be-Bop DeLuxe's 'Sound On Sound' before moving on to Bill Nelson's subsequent solo albums. He went on to produce albums by XTC, The Adverts, Simple Minds, The Fall, Stone Roses, The Verve, Ride, Radiohead, Cast and Muse amongst many, many other projects. In Part 2 he talks in detail about his work with The Fall, Felt and Denim, Stone Roses, The Verve, Radiohead, Cast and Muse.

The Korda Marshall Story - Interview by Iain McNay watch this programme
First programme in a new series called, My Adventures In Music' which looks at the careers of people that have been successful in the music business. Korda Marshall Has worked in the UK music business for 32 years; 18 years in the corporate environment and 12 years building and growing independent music companies - bands he signed include Muse, Blow Monkeys. Take That, Ash, Garbage, Peter Andre, James Blunt, Gnarls Barkley, alt-j and The Darkness. He worked at RCA Records, Atlantic Records and was Managing Director of Mushroom Records; founded Infectious Records. Korda talks us through his varied, very successful career.

'The Martin Heath Story' - Interview by Iain McNay watch this programme
Martin was an officer in the British Army before he co-founded Rhythm King Records which went on to have over 40 Top 10 singles and two No 1's with artists such as S-Express, Bomb The Bass, Moby, Betty Boo, EchoBelly and Aphex Twin. He subsequently went on to run Arista Records for 3 years before he started Lizard King Records signing The Killers where again he had huge worldwide success. He also co-founded Renegade software, Perfect World, a web and CD-Rom company, Worldpop.con, the Dreamtime group and Digital Animal. He talks us through his life, it's ups and downs and how he sees the technological future..

The Paul Conroy Story - Interview by Iain McNay watch this programme
Second programme in a new series called, My Adventures In Music' which looks at the careers of people that have been successful in the music business. Paul managed the Kursaal Flyers, was general manager of Stiff Records, marketing director at Warner Bros records, President of Chrysalis Records, and also President of Virgin Records for 10 years. He also formed his own label, Adventures in Music, and had a No 1 single with 'Mad World.' He talks us through his long, very successful career.

The Phil Wainman Story - Interview by Iain McNay watch this programme
Phil produced all the early Sweet hits right from "Funny Funny" and "Co-Co" through to "Ballroom Blitz" and "Teenage Rampage" before going on to produce 'Bye Bye Baby' and 'Give a Little Love' for the Bay City Rollers which were both No 1's. He originally played drums in the The Paramounts in 1965 before forming his own band, 'The Phil Wainman Set' He secured a residency at Dolly's Club and after meeting Island's Chris Blackwell was offered the job of backing Jimmy Cliff. He started writing songs and co-wrote 'Little Games' for the Yardbirds. After the Bay City Rollers he produced Alex Harvey's 'Next' album. His greatest chart success, however, was the production of "I Don't Like Mondays" by the Boomtown Rats. He also worked with Billy Idol and Adrian Gurvitz. In this interview Phil tells his story with many fascinating anecdotes and helps provide an insight into why he and the artists he worked with became so successful.


Alan McGee - 'The Assassin Complex' - Interview by Iain McNay watch this programme
Why do certain bands make it and other don't? Former Creation Records founder (Oasis, Primal Scream, Boo Radleys, Teenage Fanclub, Ride, My Bloody Valentine etc) also Poptones Records founder (Cosmic Rough Riders, The Hives) and manager of The Libertines, Alan talks about what he feels the bands that make it big have in common. A frank discussion that concludes 'The Assassin Complex' is the key.

The Alvin Stardust Story watch this programme
Best remembered as the leather-clad, black-gloved rocker who stared sullenly down Top Of The Pops cameras in the glam-rock early Seventies, Alvin Stardust had already enjoyed fame in the beat era a decade earlier as Shane Fenton. After his spell in the Seventies charts he was reborn yet again in the Eighties as a retro-pop balladeer, songs about Buddy Holly harking back to his youth. His half-century in the business has seen many changes and he has adapted to them far more effectively than most, so his story is a fascinating one. Alvin recounts it with a welcome humour – the ‘stick-on sideburns’ story is worth the price of admission alone!

Andy Jackson - From Pink Floyd To Signal To Noise - Interview By Mark Powell watch this programme
Andy Jackson discusses his musical career with Mark Powell. Andy has been Pink Floyd's engineer for over twenty years, and discusses the making of 'Division Bell' and the final Floyd album 'The Endless River'. Andy has also released his own solo album, 'Signal To Noise', and discusses the concepts for the material included.

The Anthony Phillips Story - Part One - Interview by Mark Powell watch this programme
Anthony Phillips was a founding member of Genesis at Charterhouse School with Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford. His musical influence was felt strongly on the albums "From Genesis to Revelation" and "Trespass" and lingered after his departure from the group in 1970. As a solo artist his albums such as "Geese and the Ghost", "Wise After the Event", "Sides" and "1984" all earned him a loyal following. In this, the first of a two part Cherry Red TV interview, possibly one of the most in depth he has done, he discusses his time with Genesis.

The Anthony Phillips Story - Part Two - Interview by Mark Powell watch this programme
Anthony Phillips was a founding member of Genesis at Charterhouse School with Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford. His musical influence was felt strongly on the albums "From Genesis to Revelation" and "Trespass" and lingered after his departure from the group in 1970. As a solo artist his albums such as "Geese and the Ghost", "Wise After the Event", "Sides" and "1984" all earned him a loyal following. In this, the second of a two part Cherry Red TV interview, possibly one of the most in depth he has done, he discusses his long solo career as a recording artist and composer

John Lees’ Barclay James Harvest and more watch this programme
Keyboard-player Woolly Wolstenholme was a founder member of British symphonic rockers Barclay James Harvest, after whom EMI’s mighty Harvest label was named. Back in 1968 they were considered to share the potential of Pink Floyd, their more famous labelmates, and though they didn’t make it as big they are still major concert draws on the European mainland. Woolly, whose Mellotron was an integral part of the Barclays’ sound, covers the band’s pioneering early years with pithy northern wit and self-deprecating humour.

A Poet Called Benjamin Zephania watch this programme
Born and raised in Birmingham’s rough and ready Handsworth district, Benjamin Zephaniah is a British Jamaican Rastafarian writer, musician and poet. His stature in contemporary English literature was underlined by his inclusion in The Times list of Britain's top 50 post-war writers in 2008. Iain McNay invites Benjamin to reveal the many sides of his talent, going back to his first word-play as a child and moving on through a brush with the law, his move to London and riding the wave of post-punk culture through to meeting Nelson Mandela and more. Oh, and expect the occasional poem!

Beryl Marsden - Changes watch this programme
Beryl's two passions in life are music and finding out who we really are. In her teens she sang at the Cavern Club in Liverpool and The Star Club in Hamburg. She supported the Beatles on their last tour and was in Shotgun Express with Rod Stewart, Peter Green and Mick Fleetwood. She also sang on the track 'Instant Karma' with John Lennon. After a difficult marriage broke up she found Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism. This transformed her life. She talks about her life and the peace she has now found.

The Big Country Story - Interview by Matt Bristow watch this programme
All the current band members talk candidly about the history of the band including the untimely death of lead singer Stuart Adamson.

40 Years Of Recordings - the Bill Nelson Story - Interview by Mark Powell watch this programme
This interview covers the entire career of Bill starting from the recording of his first album, 'Northern Dream;' in 1971 right through to his 8 CD retrospective box set 'The Practice Of Everyday Life' released in 2012.

The Boys Story watch this programme
The Boys were a London-based punk band with a Stones-like swagger who moved in the same circles as the likes of Billy Idol, the Clash and the Sex Pistols but, despite their undoubted talents, never broke out commercially. Duncan Reid, who played bass and co-sang lead vocals, recounts the story of bad record deals and even worse luck at crucial career junctures. Although the Boys never achieved the commercial success they deserved, their music has refused to die and the reissued albums have sold strongly to later generations. Europe in particular has treasured the Beatles/Stones/Small Faces references in their music.

The Claire Hamill Story watch this programme
It’s a real surprise, given her formidable talents as a singer-songwriter, that Claire Hamill is not a household name. She signed to the prestigious Island Records when still at school and recruited the likes of Free and John Martyn to play on her first album, produced by Island boss Chris Blackwell whose protégée she was. She went on to work with the Kinks’ Ray Davies, briefly front rock band Wishbone Ash and eventually move into the field of new age music. She discusses her unique and fascinating career with Mark Powell.

The Claudia Brucken Story – interview by Matt Bristow watch this programme
Singer Songwriter and vocalist Claudia Brücken talks about her career. From growing up in Germany through to 80’s success with Propaganda and her distinctive solo material, Claudia Brucken has pursued a unique path through the musical landscape. In this interview she discusses her career to date and her latest solo album ‘Where Else’ (released October 2014).

The Dave Gregory Story - Interview by Mark Powell watch this programme
Dave Gregory talks about his life; his long career as a member of XTC and his latest projects, Tin Spirits and Big Big Train

Gary Valentine 'My Journey - From Blondie to Jung' watch this programme
Gary Valentine was a founding member of the iconic pop group Blondie and has also played guitar for Iggy Pop. He now lives in London & is the author of twelve books on the meeting ground between consciousness, culture, and the western inner tradition. Here he talks to Iain McNay about his journey from 70s Pop stardom to spiritual philosophy.

My Hawkwind Adventures Harvey Bainbridge. watch this programme
Harvey Bainbridge is a British Bass & keyboard player who initially joined Hawkwind members Dave Brock and Robert Calvert in 1977 in a band called Sonic Assassins. He then went on to play Bass guitar with Hawkwind until 1984 appearing on classic albums such as Levitation & Live Seventy Nine. Here he talks to Atomhenge label boss Mark Powell about his cosmic adventures with the seminal Space Rockers.

The Jack Bruce Story - Interview By Mark Powell watch this programme
The legendary Jack Bruce discusses his life in music. From his early days growing up in Glasgow through to his enormous success with Cream and beyond, Jack Bruce has spanned the musical landscape for nearly fifty years. Jack discusses his time with Cream and his extensive solo career. Jack also talks about his new album 'Silver Rails' (released March 2014), his first studio recording in over a decade.

The Jah Wobble Story - Interview by Matt Bristow watch this programme
As a key member of John Lydon's post Sex Pistols band, Public Image Limited, and through his subsequent career building bands, such as Invaders Of The Heart, or working with a range of collaborators, Jah Wobble has been one of the most unique and diverse artists in modern music. In this interview he discusses the P.I.L. days, as well as his solo years and philosophies on life. He also discusses his career-spanning box set, 'Redux', (released May 2015).

The Jan Schelhaas Story watch this programme
Liverpool-born despite his exotic moniker, the flashing-fingered Jan Schelhaas has supplied keyboards to several well respected British progressive rock bands from the early Seventies onwards. Starting with his recording debut with his own National Head Band, he backed Gary Moore before joining Caravan, with whom he recorded three albums, and then Camel. He also played keys for Liverpool’s own ‘Lily The Pink’ hitmakers the Scaffold – one of several secrets he divulges in this fascinating conversation with Mark Powell.

'The Jim-Bob Story - Carter USM and Beyond' watch this programme
The early-Nineties success of Carter USM, the two-man band featuring Jim Bob (real name James Morrison) and Les Carter was both unexpected and unstoppable. They had 14 Top 40 singles, a Number 1 LP (‘1992 – The Love Album’) and played over 800 gigs all over the world – a rollercoaster ride that just had to be turned into an equally breathtaking book. Goodnight Jim Bob – On The Road With Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine is considerably catchier than its title, and Jim Bob draws from it as he relives those halcyon days and beyond in the company of Mark Bristow.

The John Fiddler Story watch this programme
Medicine Head, the duo of singer/guitarist John Fiddler and harmonica player Peter Hope-Evans, enjoyed a successful career in the late Sixties and early Seventies after being ‘discovered’ by DJ John Peel. John Fiddler now lives in America, and works mostly as a solo artist, but found time to recount the high and low points of his career that saw songs like ‘Rising Sun’, ‘One And One Is One’ and ‘Slip And Slide’. These built on the early success of ‘His Guiding Hand’, a favourite of John Lennon and Yoko Ono among others, which was recorded in a kitchen on a reel-to-reel tape recorder – punk before punk!

John Otway - Cor Baby, That’s Really Me watch this programme
One of British music's most endearing characters, the inimitable John Otway has been performing and recording for the past three decades, building a dedicated cult following through relentless touring. In this typically frank and often mirth-inducing hour-long interview with Iain McNay for cherryred.tv, John talks about his career, life and music at length. He was also kind enough to play three acoustic songs in the studio: 'Cor Baby That's Really Free', 'Beware Of The Flowers' (both sides of his breakthrough 1977 hit) and 'Poetry And Jazz'. Not to be missed by lovers of English pop eccentricity!

The Les Reed Story watch this programme
One of the unsung heroes of British song, composer Les Reed OBE has been a performer conductor artist and producer. His first big break was playing piano with the John Barry Seven. Since then he’s worked with many great names over his half-century in the business, including Joe Brown, Ike and Tina Turner, Adam Faith and Lulu, written hits for Tom Jones (‘Delilah’, ‘It’s Not Unusual’) and Engelbert Humperdinck (‘The Last Waltz’) and has been an eyewitness to some historic musical moments. This hour-long interview is packed with insight, information and anecdote told by a man who’s been there, done that and worn the T-shirt. (Did we mention the OBE?)

The Louis Philippe Story watch this programme
Louis Philippe, real name Philippe Auclair, is a London-based French singer, songwriter, arranger and producer who first came to attention in the mid Eighties. He was a leading artist with the él record label and found great success in Japan; since then he’s combined music with being a sports journalist for French radio and the prestigious publication France Football, finding time to write a biography of Eric Cantona. His twin passions are explored in this in-depth talk with Iain McNay, a man who sees life in very much the same way. Keep an ear open for seagulls and trawlers…

The Luke Haines Story - Interview by Matt Bristow watch this programme
In this in-depth interview Luke talks about his life from being in his first band, The Servants, through to Top 30 success with The Auteurs. He then formed Baader Meinhof and subsequently Black Box Recorder (where he had a Top 20 single) before embarking on a solo career that has included another 11 albums. He also talks about his latest album, 'Rock N Roll Animals' on Cherry Red Records.

The Martin Newell Story watch this programme
Reluctant pop star Martin Newell and his canine chum Colin made the trip from Wivenhoe in Essex to Cherry Red TV studios to tell his fascinating story. He’s passed through many cult groups – most notably the Cleaners From Venus – before resigning himself to the life of a solo artist and his dog. Working in the footsteps of classic British rock songwriters Pete Townshend and Ray Davies, he carved his own unique niche in pop culture and stands today as a literate, amusing and multi-faceted singer, songwriter author and poet. This entertaining discussion is best viewed with a pint in the hand; Newell would surely be the ideal pub companion.

The Momus Story - Nick Currie watch this programme
Nick Currie, cousin of Del Amitri singer Justin, is known in hip music circles as Berlin-based one-man band Momus. He first came to attention with the Happy Family, a group formed with musicians from Scotland’s Postcard Records. He left university and concentrated on music and appeared on several influential labels including 4AD and Creation. His current association with Cherry Red has endured for many years. Currie’s career has been marked by innovation and controversy, and much of this controversial hour-long soliloquy on his career and the aspirations of others will raise eyebrows.

The Monochrome Set Story with Bid watch this programme
The Monochrome Set were formed in 1978 from the remnants of London college group the B-Sides which had included Andy Warren and Adam Ant. Lead singer Bid (real name Ganesh Seshadri) delivered the dry lyrics with accompaniment from guitarist Lester Square and others. Having passed through Rough Trade and DinDisc, they ended up on Cherry Red but broke up in 1985. They then re-formed from 1990-98 around the nucleus of Bid and bassist Andy Warren, and ten years later reunited for a one-off performance at Cherry Red's 30th Anniversary party at Dingwalls, London. These and many more adventures are recounted by the inimitable Bid to Iain McNay, whose record label provided the canvas for their idiosyncratic visions.

The Morgan Fisher Story watch this programme
Morgan-Fisher, previously keyboardist with Love Affair, Mott the Hoople and Queen among many other appointments, wrote himself into indie-music history with ‘Hybrid Kids’, a 'compilation' album on Cherry Red containing performances by unknown bands. Morgan did a series of interviews with the music papers and Radio 1, convincing everyone that the album was by real bands and not, as was the case, all his own work! A later album, ‘Miniatures’, comprised 51 one-minute tracks by Robert Fripp, the Pretenders, XTC, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Robert Wyatt, Ivor Cutler and the Damned. He now lives in Japan and has a career in photography running parallel to his music. Iain McNay interviews this complex personality.

The Paul Young Story - Interview By Matt Bristow watch this programme
One of the most recognisable names of the 1980's music scene, Paul Young discusses his career. From early struggles to gain success to becoming a household name in the mid-80's, and his decision to step back from the limelight. Paul also discusses the creation of the new album he has been working on with his band Los Pacaminos (released June 2014).

The Pete Banks Story watch this programme
Formed in London in 1968, Yes are widely regarded as one of the archetypal Progressive Rock bands to emerge from the UK. Pete Banks was their original guitarist and included in Gibson Guitar's 'Lifestyle' magazine’s "10 Great Prog Rock Guitarists" in 2009. Here he talks to Esoteric label manager Mark Powell about his life in Rock.

The Pete Brown Story Interview by Mark Powell watch this programme
Pete Brown is perhaps best known for being lyricist on the classic songs co-written with Jack Bruce for both Cream and Jack's solo albums. In addition Pete is a respected performer in his own right, having performed with the band's Battered Ornaments and Piblokto! in the 70s and fronting his own band, The Interocetors.

The Pete Molinari Story - Interview By Matt Bristow watch this programme
Singer-songwriter Pete Molinari discuss his life and career to date. From his early, multi-cultural upbringing in Kent, England - through to working with childhood inspiration Billy Childish and living / recording in Nashville, USA. Pete also discusses his latest album, "Theosophy" (released June 2014) and the involvement of a cast list including Dan Auerbach (Black Keys) and Andy Weatherall.

The Red Box Story - Simon Toulson-Clarke watch this programme
Red Box came to the attention of the world with their debut single "Chenko" on Cherry Red Records in 1983. The band enjoyed further single chart success and released two albums, 'The Circle & The Square' and 'Motive'. Here principal song writer and lead singer, Simon Toulson-Clarke, talks to Matt Bristow about his pop career so far.

The Simon Fisher Turner Story watch this programme
A man of many varied talents, Simon Fisher Turner was launched as ‘Britain’s David Cassidy’, yet somehow survived the tag to become an enduring presence on the British alternative music scene. He has built a niche career on él records, part of the Cherry Red empire, and has a fascinating story to tell, starting with a choir-school childhood and graduating through a juvenile acting career to his 15 minutes of pop stardom and, more recently, making a series of movie soundtracks for Derek Jarman. From screams to the big screen, this is a story with a difference.

The Sonja Kristina Story watch this programme
After coming to prominence as a performer in the hippie musical Hair, former teenage folk-singer Sonja Kristina became frontwoman of British progressive rockers Curved Air. Their classical-influenced music, fronted by sexy Sonja and violinist Darryl Way, was a sensation and made them leaders in the post-Beatles rock boom. She tells the fascinating story of her late Sixties/early-Seventies stardom, which was followed by marriage to Police drummer Stewart Copeland, a spell in the wilderness and a return to her roots as a folk performer. Added to this are tales of Swinging London, a tryst with Donovan and some fascinating insights behind the façade of the entertainment scene, all recounted with passion and humour.

The Steve Hackett Story - Interview by Mark Powell watch this programme
Steve talks to Esoteric Label Manager Mark Powell about his life, music & the new collaboration and album with Chris Squire 'Squackett' released on Esoteric/ Antenna. Interview covers period from his early days with Genesis right through to his extensive solo recording career.

The Suzi Quatro Story - Interview by Iain McNay watch this programme
In this in-depth interview Suzi talks candidly about her life and her long recording career. Starting with her first bands, The Pleasure Seekers and Cradle when she was a teenager she covers in detail her musical career through to her first meeting with producer Mickey Most who produced her first hits, 'Can The Can' '48 Crash' and 'Devil Gate Drive.' She talks honestly about the ups and own of her life including her personal challenges.

Todd Rundgren 'State' - Interview by Mark Powell watch this programme
Todd talks about his life, his musical influences and history, and also goes into detail about the recording of his latest album 'State' which was recently released through Antenna/Esoteric Records.

Tony Banks - Solo Career Story watch this programme
Genesis founder member and keyboardist Tony Banks chats to Esoteric Recordings label manager Mark Powell about his lengthy solo career in this exclusive interview, celebrating the release of the new 4CD deluxe box set 'A Chord Too Far', after being awarded the honour of the Prog God award in the Progressive Music Awards 2015.

The Tornados Story watch this programme
The Tornados will always be remembered for 1962's anthemic instrumental 'Telstar', a song intended to evoke the dawn of the space age, complete with sound effects which made history by hitting the top of the US Hot 100. The combination of their musicianship an the production of the mad genius Joe Meek proved unstoppable for a few more singles until the coming of Merseybeat cut short their career at the top. Two of their originals, keyboard-player Roger LaVern and drummer Clem Cattini, help tell the true story of a band that, however briefly, ruled the pop world and are still fondly remembered. Not least by Muse, whose Matt Bellamy is the son of a member.

The Van der Graaf Generator Story - Peter Hammill watch this programme
Peter Hammill is the founding member of progressive rock giants Van der Graaf Generator. Most noted for his vocal abilities, his main instruments are guitar and piano. He also acts as a record producer for his own recordings, and occasionally for other artists. Here he shares his story with Esoteric label manager Mark Powell.


The Abstract Records Story. watch this programme
After trying his luck as a jobbing songwriter in the Seventies, Edward Christie took to the post-punk DIY ethos and formed Abstract with a combination of savings and redundancy money. Things looked unpromising at first but the 16-track ‘Punk And Disorderly’ compilation, released in the early Eighties, shot into the Top 40 and its overnight success gave him the clout to sign artists like the UK Subs, Three Johns and New Model Army. He has since diversified into soul, extreme metal and hip-hop, and his story is a unique and fascinating one demonstrating that persistence and flexibility can bring rewards.

The Alan McGee Story Part 1 - Interview by Iain McNay watch this programme
Founder of Creation Records and Poptones and former manager of Jesus and May Chain, House Of Love and The Libertines talks in details about his life and his music career. From his early days in Glasgow to forming his first band the Drains with Andrew Innes and then the Laughing Apple and Biff Bang Pow. Creation Records launched the careers of Jesus and May Chain, Primal Scream, House Of Love, My bloody Valentine, Boo Radleys, Teenage Fanclub, Ride, Oasis and many others. Also talks about Poptones with The Hives and Cosmic Rough Riders and his managing career since then and the launch of new label 359 music. Part 1 of three programmes.

The Alan McGee Story Part 2 - Interview by Iain McNay watch this programme
Founder of Creation Records and Poptones and former manager of Jesus and May Chain, House Of Love and The Libertines talks in details abo...ut his life and his music career. From his early days in Glasgow to forming his first band the Drains with Andrew Innes and then the Laughing Apple and Biff Bang Pow. Creation Records launched the careers of Jesus and May Chain, Primal Scream, House Of Love, My bloody Valentine, Boo Radleys, Teenage Fanclub, Ride, Oasis and many others. Also talks about Poptones with The Hives and Cosmic Rough Riders and his managing career since then and the launch of new label 359 music. Part two of three programmes.

The Alan McGee Story Part 3 - Interview by Iain McNay watch this programme
Author of 'Creation Stories. Riots, Raves and Running a Label.' Part 3 of 3. Creation Records founder talks about his final couple of years at Creation Records with Oasis and Primal Scream; founding Poptones Records (The Hives and Cosmic Rough Riders), managing The Libertines and Dirty Pretty Things; and his new venture with Cherry Red, 359 Music.

The Bella Union Story watch this programme
Musician Simon Raymonde co-founded Bella Union in 1997 after a successful career with the Cocteau Twins. Having been signed to the legendary 4AD, he and fellow Twin Robin Guthrie looked to offer other artists – like Dirty Three, Laura Veirs and Fleet Foxes, to name but a few – the freedom of expression the Cocteaus enjoyed in the band’s early days. Raymonde, who continues to control Bella Union today, explains the label’s history and philosophy that was celebrated in 2007 with two nights at the Royal Festival Hall and will surely continue to flourish.

The Cherry Red Records Story Part 1 watch this programme
Cherry Red Records Story Part 1

The Cherry Red Records Story Part 2 watch this programme
The simultaneous and unexpected departures of A&R chief Mike Alway and Phil Langham, who ran the punk-oriented Abstract label, in 1983 changed the face of Cherry Red. Iain McNay reassumed control before, in 1987, taking a four-year sabbatical for personal reasons. On his return, the acquisition of material from many of the significant independent labels of the late Seventies and early Eighties, such as Flicknife, Red Rhino, No Future, Rondelet, Midnight, Temple and In Tape laid the foundations of the label as a reissue-based operation, in which form Cherry Red not only survives but thrives today. Iain traces the evolutionary process of a company that now issues over 60 CDs, DVDs and books each and every month.

The Cherry Red Records Story Part 3 watch this programme
The Cherry Red Records Story Part 3

The Cooking Vinyl Story watch this programme
Founded by Martin Goldschmidt in 1986, the world-renowned Cooking Vinyl label has enjoyed success with a wide variety of artists – from one–man band Billy Bragg, who stickered his records with a ‘pay no more than’ price, to rave-influenced rockers the Prodigy who have consistently topped the charts throughout Europe. The contractual control and flexibility Cooking Vinyl offer their artists won them the Prodigy’s hand in the face of major-label competition. As Martin explains, it is the ability to respond to an ever-changing music business that has kept him and Cooking Vinyl at the cutting edge of music for two and a half decades and counting.

The Dandelion Records Story with Clive Selwood watch this programme
John Peel and manager Clive Selwood formed Dandelion Records in 1969 as an attempt to put something back into the business they loved and give several worthwhile, if sometimes uncommercial artists a break. The groundbreaking indie, modelled on Elektra Records in the States, released 28 albums by 18 acts during its brief, three-year life and would prove inspirational to many. The dapperly-dressed and ever entertaining Clive revisits those heady days, with reminiscences ranging from Frank Sinatra to Gene Vincent, via Kevin Coyne and Clifford T Ward. Not forgetting his relationship with Peel, the hub around which Dandelion rotated.

The El Records Story. Mike Always - Interview by Iain McNay watch this programme
Mike Alway was Cherry Red Records’ first A&R man, and one with an enviable track record at spotting talent. In 1985 he returned after a two-year absence and él records was formed under the Cherry Red umbrella. él was a critical success, setting trends with artwork and image, especially in Japan, during its three-year lifespan. It lived up to the promise of ‘making records that were spontaneous and imaginative with people of character and often regardless of their musical ability.’ Alway, who today runs él as a classy reissue label, relives those glory years and ‘el-oquently’ explains his philosophies.

Mark Powell and Esoteric Recordings watch this programme
Mark Powell is among the best-known music consultants in Britain, specializing in Sixties and Seventies rock from Britain and continental Europe. He has collaborated with artists as diverse as Cream’s Jack Bruce, Hawkwind (whose Atomhenge reissue label he curates), Barclay James Harvest and Arthur Brown, and releases their music on his Esoteric Recordings label. Powell‘s journeys into the dusty vaults of the record companies in search of unreleased treasures – and his encounters with their creators – have provided him with many ear-catching stories no fan of the genre will want to miss.

The Glass Records Story watch this programme
Operating between 1981 and 1989, Glass Records never sold in their millions, but names like Spacemen 3, the Jacobites, Pastels, Jazz Butcher and In Embrace still resonate today. Label founder Dave Barker tells the story of the label, named after a band he was once in, and how, from working for PolyGram distribution, he found himself running one of the country’s hippest labels. Glass Records effectively ended with the collapse of Rough Trade distribution, but their story remains a fascinating one.

The Heart Beat Records Story watch this programme
Simon Edwards formed Heartbeat, one of the first of the new breed of indie labels in 1978, having made the transition from fan to participant. A spell as a ‘failed musician’ later he was helping others turn their musical dreams into reality, his roster of influential artists ranging from the Glaxo Babies to Blue Aeroplanes. He explains his philosophy and how the seminal ‘Avon Calling’ compilation put Heartbeat’s native West Country on the musical map with a vengeance in 1980 and caught the ear of John Peel himself. Heartbeat spun off other niche labels like Riot City and was influential for a period: the story makes fascinating listening.

The Jungle Records Story. watch this programme
Best known for releasing the late, great Johnny Thunders’ iconic punk product, Jungle Records have been around since 1982. Alan Hauser formed his first indie label Parole in Britain in 1977, utilising a background in band management, live promotion and collector’s records. Here he explains how he founded the label with fellow music fanatics who had been working at Fresh Records, released albums by trendsetting goths Fields of the Nephilim and how Jungle continues to be excited about new music as well as cataloguing the past.

The Midnight Music Story watch this programme
Nick Ralph moved from band manager through fanzine editor and record-shop owner to record-label boss. The experience he gathered gave him an unrivalled grounding to found Midnight Music in 1982, and the label’s progress initially paralleled 4AD and Cherry Red in the Eighties. First signings Sad Lovers And Giants, at that time rivals of U2, put them on the map, while the later absorption of September Records and the Medium Cool label added McCarthy, the Wolfhounds and the Corn Dollies to the Midnight roster. The story ended in the Nineties but the music the label purveyed has gathered kudos over the years and is currently enjoying CD reissue

The No Future Records Story with Chris Berry watch this programme
Taking their name from the Sex Pistols anthem, No Future Records was formed in 1981 by Chris Berry and Richard Jones with the aid of a £1,000 bank loan. A music-press advert asking for demo tapes led to the signing of bands like Blitz, the Partisans, Peter and the Test Tube Babies and Red Alert who spearheaded the regional re-emergence of punk. The first Blitz EP went to Number 1 in the independent charts, and was the first of 29 singles and nine EPs issued by No Future between 1981 and 1984. Chris Berry tells the story of a label with a limited but worthwhile lifespan.

The Nude Records Story. watch this programme
Saul Galpern formed Nude Records in 1992, having moved to London from his native Glasgow to work in a record shop. He was then involved with the Fall, the Slits and the Mo-Dettes on an indie before a spell with major label Elektra, where he discovered Simply Red. Nude’s first success was with Suede, whose debut album broke sales records and kick-started the Brit-pop movement, after which the label launched Black Box Recorder and the solo career of Billy McKenzie. Galpern looks back with typical frankness on his successes and failures, explains why he put the label into abeyance and why he then relaunched Nude with a genre-defining compilation album.

The Oval Records Story watch this programme
Charlie Gillett is a world-renowned journalist, author (the acclaimed Sound Of The City) and radio DJ, a man with an unparalleled knowledge of the global music scene. Few know, however, of his other life as boss of Oval Music, a label named after his local south London cricket ground that he formed with Gordon Nelki in 1972. It helped launch the career of Ian Dury, Lene Lovich and Paul Hardcastle among others, while Elvis Costello and Dire Straits are acts to owe him a debt for his early championing of their cause. Charlie tells his fascinating story as only he can.

Pillows & Prayers DVD Interview watch this programme
The indie chart-topping 17-track compilation album featuring artists on the Cherry Red label sold over 120,000 copies after its Christmas 1982 release. ‘Pillows & Prayers’ helped put bands like Everything But The Girl, the Monochrome Set and Felt on the map, helped in no small measure by a pocket-friendly 99p price tag. When reissued in 2007 as a deluxe CD/DVD box set, the album deservedly won the Mojo magazine award for Catalogue Release of the Year. Iain McNay and Mike Alway, the men responsible for this unique release, tell the fascinating background story of a fondly remembered artefact that defined an era while providing a marketing masterclass to the music business.

The Plastic Head Story - Steve Beatty watch this programme
Record distribution is a complex art, and the jovial Steve Beatty is a master of it. He founded Plastic Head in his bedroom at his parents’ house and, 15 years later, it’s one of the UK’s top ten distributors – Cherry Red among its clients. Beatty, who formed his own record label in 1985 before changing tack and looking at the bigger picture, entertainingly explains his personal journey, his view of the future and offers down-to-earth advice to anyone interested in getting involved in the ever-changing business of music.

The PWL Story watch this programme
The PWL Story Phil Harding interviewed by Matt Bristow.

The Razor Records Story watch this programme
Robin Greatorex’s career in music has covered almost every facet of the business. He started off in a recording studio the early Seventies, then began doing press for the Only Ones and Showaddywaddy and entered band management before starting Razor Records in the early Eighties. He established Razor as a streetwise indie, using the knowledge gleaned in previous years to remain close to the cutting edge. They survived a distributor going bankrupt, but it proved an uphill struggle and for every Adicts, who worked hard and sold product, there was a Max Splodge who didn’t. They launched Newtown Neurotics, a Phill Jupitus favourite, but after dabbling with the Mod revival they licensed the Spinal Tap soundtrack as a last hurrah.

The Riot City Records Story watch this programme
Simon Edwards is interviewed by Iain McNay about the birth and rise of Riot City Records, the Bristol based punk label.

The RPM Story with Mark Stratford watch this programme
RPM, founded by Mark Stratford and with sleeves artworked by legendary rock archivist Phil Smee, has a reputation for being one of the classiest niche reissue labels in Britain with lavish packaging, minute attention to detail and consistently discerning musical taste. The label came under the Cherry Red umbrella in 1999 and has since gone from strength to strength, focusing on pop music from the Sixties to the dawn of punk. They now also incorporate the Shout label, offering vintage soul presented with the retro style to which their fans have become accustomed. Mark explains all here.

The Survival Records Story watch this programme
True to their name, Survival Records has been operating as an independent record company since 1980, justifying their name. Lawyer-turned-musician David Rome and Anne-Marie Heighway started off playing and singing synthesizer-based dance music. They then signed electronic duo Tik and Tok before moving into rock and finding success with the Quireboys. There then followed an unexpected change in musical tack, provoked by an influential band. Since 1990 when they signed Scots band Capercaillie Survival have become leaders in the Celtic music scene: this is their highly individual story, told by the founders themselves.


The Ian Glasper Story watch this programme
If anyone can claim to be the definitive biographer of post-punk music it’s west country author Ian Glasper with his trilogy Burning Britain, The Day The Country Died and Trapped In A Scene (all Cherry Red Books). He explains his passion for the hardcore scene of the Eighties, how he personally got involved in the music and how an obsession turned into a critically acclaimed labour of love. For Ian, the punk ethic is very much alive and well, and the message he heard in Discharge’s music still holds true today. If his enthusiastic, informed and insightful conversation touches you, buy the music – and the books!

The Joe Meek Story Part 1 watch this programme
Though it all happened nearly half a century ago, the true story of maverick UK record producer Joe Meek has inspired a book, Telstar Man by John Repsch, a stage play and a movie. His biographer here talks to Iain McNay about his labour of love, revealing some of the weird and wonderful facts he uncovered in hundreds of hours researching the life and work of the man behind hits by the Tornados, Heinz, John Leyton and others. The work of Meek is still considered groundbreaking: this revealing interview may give some clues why.

The Joe Meek Story Part 2 watch this programme
This follows the Joe Meek story to its tragic and violent end, when the producer ended his own life with a shotgun. It picks up as ‘Telstar’ hit Number 1 on both sides of the Atlantic and charts the inevitable decline in his fortunes after producing the biggest-selling UK record ever to that time (sales in excess of five million). Unfortunately Meek’s status as a maverick outsider in the music business leasing his recordings to major labels left him exposed and, after the beat boom rendered his recordings sounding less cutting-edge, the story ended in his studio over a shop in North London in 1967.


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